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Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Rizieq Denied There was a Hammer Sickle in his Lectures Video

BeritaIndependent.Com | Polda Metro Jaya (PMJ) Investigators will prove the speaker in the hammer and sickle video in Rupiah’s banknotes emissions by 2016 is Rizieq Shihab.

We are going to prove because the High Priest of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has denied that the speaker in the video was him.

"If someone say 'yes sir’ when we asked about, it will help us. But how if he denied like 'It's not me, he must be someone like me' So we've got to prove it," Head of Public Relations PMJ Commissioner Argo Yuwono told reporters on Monday (6/3).

Rizieq did not admit, although the video was repeated many times, Argo asserted.

"For example when we play the video then asked, 'is right that someone in video was Mr. Rizieq?' then he will answer, 'oh, no. That's someone like me', “Police Academy Alumni 1991 said.

Now, the PMJ will involve some of expert witnesses to corroborate the data if a figure that in the video is Rizieq.

"Yes, we must find an expert witness to prove the video was Rizieq. We are asking a lot of expert witnesses to be questioned," he concluded.

As previously known, the case came after Network of Young Intellectuals “Anti Fitnah  and Solidaritas Merah Putih (SOLMET), reportedly on last 10th of January.

Rizieq denied and accused that he had been slandered relate to his case, when he testified in the PMJ, January 23rd.

Rizieq asked the government to explain why choose shaped like the hammer and sickle as the form of Recto verso or the safety of money even there are millions of alternative forms.

"How come the images that selected by the Government something that can give a wrong perception in the society like the hammer and sickle logo? It's dangerous," Rizieq said.

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