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Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

The Parliament (DPR) Threat to Rollover a Questionnaire If Jokowi doesn’t Suspend Ahok

BeritaIndependent.Com | The Vice Chairman of Commission II Almuzzammil Yusuf stated that the representatives can use the inquiries or investigation for Basuki T Purnama if he still in his position as Governor of Jakarta.

In fact, the law ordered the regional head was defendant must disable or suspend. The rules contained in Law No. 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government, in article 83 paragraph 1,2, and 3 precisely.

"After had been receiving the aspirations of the various communities and experts, the House of Representatives can use its oversight function by using the questionnaire on the implementation of the Regional Government Law. It is because President never issues a dismissal letter for BTP as a governor of Jakarta, Almuzzammil said through broadcast press in Jakarta, today.

Referring to the Law, President Joko Widodo should issues a decree on dismissal till the courts got a decision that enforceable legally. Politicians of the Justice Prosperous Party (PKS) said.

“The president has many evidences and law to suspend Ahok as the Governor of Jakarta," he said.

“Ahok became the defendant refers to the case registration number IDM 147 / JKT.UT / 12/2016 at North Jakarta District Court. In addition, the charges on article 156a and 156 of the KUHP on blasphemy which is an imprisonment threat of five and four years”. Muzzammil added.

"This case has been seized a public attention, Muslim in Indonesia especially. They were wondering why in the case of BTP, president seems procrastinating, does not make an order by issue a letter of dismissal immediately. Whereas his campaign and the task of the Governor period (PLT) almost over” he concluded.

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