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Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Cinta Laura was forced to follow Miss Universe

BeritaIndependent.Com | In her 23rd years old, Cinta Laura was growing up become a sexy beauty lady. It wasn’t too surprise if Cinta often being a model of well-known photographer. Such like Cinta became a model of a well-known Australian Photographer, Paul Smith, recently.

A young beauty girl who was born in Quakenbruck, Germany, looks so pretty in her some pictures that shared in Instagram.

She looks so sexy in her dress up which little bit opened. Her sexy dress made her chest and stomach exposed freely. In another picture, the actress of Philosophers and the 9th Passengers, seems so happy and laugh to the camera. And then she was showed off her perfect body in the side angle confidently. Her pictures were hunted by netter in Instagram. 
Cinta was forced to follow Putri Indonesia or Miss Universe Competition by her fans.

Cinta, please join Putri Indonesia 2017 yaaaa to become contestant in Miss Universe @claurakiehl Said netter.

She got a lot of praises by her other picture that showed her little bit cleavage. A singer of Tulalit and Oh Baby wore a black tight tops that succeed show her curves sexy body.

She was took a “sit open one leg” posed and held her blonde hair.

“She is as hot as the Hollywood actress” said fans

“Cinta is so beauty and multitalented! Being amazed with her beauty, kindness and smartness”

She also posted a picture that show her posed with a monkey. “Just find out the happiness from a simple thing” She wrote. According to the picture a monkey stayed above her shoulders. “How lucky monkey is!” commented a netter. And the other fan said that a monkey could mess Cinta’s hair. What a lucky monkey !”

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