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Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Antasari Azhar's issue made Agus-Silvi knocked out

BeritaIndependent.Com | Denny JA LSI Quick Count concluded that DKI elections will be held two rounds. In addition, LSI Data also indicate the number of "non-voters" about 23 percent. Thus, both of Ahok-Djarot and Anies-Sandi go to the second round , while another, Agus-Sylvi knocked out in the first round.

Denny JA predicted two things in his press conference five days before the elections begin. First, elections will be held two rounds, and the support of candidates is within the threshold. Agus-Sylvi: 24,4- 39.6 percent; Ahok-Djarot: 27.2 to 39.2 percent; and Anies-Password 25,6- 38.4 percent

Denny admitted that his predictions about Agus was wrong . The son of the 6th president of RI's were the smallest refer to his quick count and under threshold. While Ahok and Anies gained greater than the threshold.

What were causes that made changes in the five days ? Why did Agus get lower than the threshold? And why did Ahok and Anies on the contrary ?Denny said that there are several issues that require further testing.

First, the effect of the Antasari Azhar's statement that became the biggest news. Antasari Azhar said that SBY was an initiator criminalization against him . The issue was sensational and rolled out a day before the voting massively.

"Twit-war and pro cons occurs which were blowen up by media in such a way. Then SBY was already providing the answers and report Antasari to the law. But the discourse SBY versus Antasari turned out to be more harmful to Agus. Agus's vote turn to Anies, and Ahok . The Data of quick count showed it" he explained.

Second, the numbers of abstentions is about 23 percent lower than the  DKI elections previous were generally above 30 percent. The voters who came to the polling station (TPS) is larger than the previous . However, more abstentions came from Agus's supporters who are mostly from the lower middle segment.

"From the study of the LSI , non-voters generally come from lower middle class and it happened in some regions ," he said
Lower middle voters generally do not come to the polling station for economic and technical reasons. First,  they have a daily wage. If they come to vote, then their daily wages may lost. Second the lack of the administration of correspondence document. These made them not come to the polling station.

"The other is a political reasons. Generally, the participation of the lower middle segment in politics is less ,"Denny added .

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